The Avon Opportunity

There are so few genuine opportunities for women to empower themselves and their lives, but I know of one that can do just that...

If you are looking for:

~ Some extra money to: 

      ~ put aside for Christmas 

      ~ help a partner or family member who's struggling because Covid-19 has hurt their income

      ~ save for your teenager's first car

      ~ pay the electric bill 

      ~ put into a savings fund for your next holiday

      ~ do a course you want to do

      ~ donate to your favourite charity

      ~ what the hell - even just have a spa day with the girls...

~ A business with NO SALES TARGETS, no limits and no strings attached - you can even just become a rep for the discounts for yourself and friends and family as a buying club ;)

~ The freedom to start and stop when you need to, and go as fast or as slow as you like...

Then watch this little video by the Achievers Team Leaders :)


Check out the Achievers Team Website here!

What could YOU use extra money for?

What Avon Is:

~ A way to earn money from home (you can even do Avon without leaving home if you are still shielding) that ISN'T a scam or a "get-rich-quick-scheme", or a convoluted business model based on a hefty investment that ultimately puts you out of pocket and no further ahead (not to mention feeling ashamed for not making it work like they "promised" it would)...

~ A done-for-you, turn-key, ethical business with products that practically sell themselves, AND FITS AROUND your commitments, that you can have up and running in less than a day for as little as £10 investment...

~ No restriction on how much you can earn, other than the time you're willing and able to put in...

~ Unlimited support and full training to ensure you get off to a flying start...

~ No "tech-savvy-ness" required - everything is instantly set up for you - including a FREE website...

~ A way to meet new friends and maybe even empower them to join you in your new venture...

~ A way to bolster your self-confidence, serve your community AND contribute even more to your family in the process...

You probably didn't wake up today thinking: 

"I know what I need to do... I need to sell Avon!"

But if you've been seeking one (or two, or all) of the above, then becoming an 

Avon Representative could be just the thing you've been looking for.

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Join Avon From

Just £10!

No sales targets, no strings - period.

Ready to Jump on Board? Click here!

Tam's 'WHY'

You see, while I am a total advocate of DIY health and beauty products, I do understand that many people still love their faves and that it's not my place to change their minds. After all, I still use make up (what I can't make myself) and when it comes to price-tags, I am very much of a mind that if I am going to use a product, I am going to get the best value for money I can. And Avon's products are nothing if not fantastic value for money. Their long-standing customer devotion will attest to that if nothing else will.

And while I'm never going to be a huge product-user myself, the reason I love Avon is for what they stand for. Because empowering women is at the core of their business model and something they've done very well for a very very long time. 


They are an ethical business and have earned their listing on the FRAME website and the bunny logo to prove they are a cruelty-free company. And when you combine that with a massive customer base just waiting to be tapped-into and the ability to earn from your VERY FIRST SALE I personally don't see any good reason not to become a rep, even if your 'WHY' is a short-term goal like bringing in some extra money for Christmas.

Many years ago, I was an Avon rep for a while because I loved the products and my rep at the hospital where I worked at the time, transferred to another hospital and I couldn't get them anymore! So I figured, I'd give it a shot myself.


But ultimately mine was not a great experience. I was incredibly young and had no business savvy, I got no support from my upline, and I ended up spending more on samples that I gave away hoping to entice new customers than I was actually making. I also didn't have a car, had 2 very small kids and I was working 2 days a week. I only lasted 6 months.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we'd experienced a VERY busy spring in our little garden nursery and then come the summer it tailed right off and I was left wondering...


How could I take advantage of the quiet months here - in the summer and over the winter - AND make some extra money in the process? More to the point, what could I do that would be scalable, AND help others at the same time, but that wouldn't interfere with our nursery business when we hit our busy spells in the spring and autumn?

I was really tired of worrying about having another "lean Christmas" and also our family car was broken so we couldn't go anywhere as a whole family together, which just plain sucked! We also needed to start saving to employ an architect and start our house-build - something I knew wasn't going to happen any time soon just with our nursery business. When you live in a caravan with 3 kids and a dog, and no "bedroom" (we sleep in the lounge on a sofabed) you get real antsy to have a real house and a real bedroom with an actual door! Don't try this at home folks, just take my word for it... ;)

So I knew I needed to DO something but just couldn't imagine what it would be.


I toyed with doing more writing and getting a few of my almost-finished books on Amazon, but that would take time and sales were not guaranteed (and I'd need a pro editor, as well as to finish my cover-design course, AND build up an audience to market it to). It wasn't going to be the simple, instantly-implementable solution I needed. But I knew there was SOMETHING for me, if I just kept my eyes open for the right opportunity. 

It just so happens that one of my best friends here is an Avon rep and part of the UK's most prestigious Avon Achievers Team. She'd long been nudging me to have another go at being a rep, and I'd dismissed her outright - how could I find the time?! I already had so much on my plate! Not to mention my less-than-stellar previous attempt...


But while pottering about in the poly tunnel one day, I was listening to the fabulous book by T. Harv Eker called "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" (again... I listen to it often lol) and this time his comments on network marketing really struck a chord in me. He talks about network marketing as being a great way to build wealth and passive income, and for some reason I'd just never put 2 and 2 together before that day...


Avon IS a network marketing business model! (Cue forehead-slap-DUH moment...)

So, I took the plunge and signed up with my friend. I could kick myself for waiting so long. It's incredible how simple it is, now that we live in the digital age. Not only is everything online, and you can choose to simply run an online shop if you can't or don't want to do the door-to-door thing (though it's still a good idea to have some brochures you can give to friends and family, and maybe even post out to those flung further afield), and Avon give you all the social marketing materials you could EVER hope to need to promote your new biz venture!


No faffing with creating your own posts and scheduling them. They're already done for you and you just have to choose what you want to post and when.


No more dealing with hundreds of different platforms to get the word out - you set up the accounts you want to post to and it's done! 


You literally cannot start any other business for such a small outlay AND be fully operational in a few hours. Here's the link to my personal shopping site if you want to have a look - and I didn't have to lift a finger to create it except to choose the name of my shop! It's taken me far longer to write this page than it did to get started with my new Avon Biz.

It blew my mind how easy it was, how use-friendly it is, how technology means we can share a digi-brochure with old friends on Facebook or with our cousin on the other side of the UK at the touch of a button. And it's super easy for them to shop with you, with no extra work on your part at all - they shop online and get it delivered straight to their door and you collect your commission. Done! 

But above all, what made me say "Hell Yes!" was the ability to empower other women to build their own businesses, create some extra income and show them how amazing they are even though they didn't even realise it before. THAT is what rocks my world. I want that for YOU. 

Get in touch now to have a chat with me about whether this is for you - because believe me, it is not for EVERYONE. Well it is, but only the ones who REALLY want to be their own boss, work in a way that suits them, put in the hours and legwork (or in the case of a purely digital business - the fingerwork) and commit to it, will be successful. 

Because it IS stupid easy to set up, and it IS a plug-in-and-play business model that requires almost zero effort to get going, but you still have to be willing to plug it in, press play, study the plan and then work the plan.


But you know what - it's simple to do and if you commit to just a couple of hours a day, you can make it work. I'll always be there to answer your questions, support and encourage you, and offer help when you need it. And if I don't know the answer to a question you can bet your left big toe that one of our amazing team will! 

It really is a no-risk opportunity. Are you willing to take a side-step out of your comfort zone and give it a go? Then click here me dear... ;)

Still have questions? Click here to visit the FAQ page!

Tam x x

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