Avon FAQ's

My mum always said the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask... So if your question isn't answered here, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Q: How much does it cost to join Avon?

A: To join Avon you must buy a starter kit - there are 3 different kits to choose from:

  1. Basic Kit £15 - contains 20 brochures, order forms, brochure bags, calling cards etc. (the very basics you need to get started as an Avon Representative)

  2. Essentials Kit £30 - contains everything from the basic kit including £90 worth of Avon products :D

  3. Advanced Kit £90 - contains everything from the basic kit as well as nearly £300 worth of Avon products

You can choose which kit suits your needs best, and once you've paid for your kit there are no other fees to pay.​ Your starting kit also entitles you to your very own Avon Store website so that you can sell online in just a few clicks.

Q: How much money can I earn with Avon?

A: How much you earn depends on how much you want to work. From November 2020 Avon are introducing a new Pay Plan so that you earn from the very first £ you sell!

So, from £1 - £99 in sales you earn 15% commission.

From £100 - £249 in sales you earn 20% commission.

From £250 - £2,999 in sales you earn 25% commission,

and for full-time Reps you can now earn 30% commission for sales over £3,000!

There are also other ways to earn with Avon by becoming a Team Builder, and Avon have made it really easy to bring friends on board :) Be sure to let me know if you are interested in building a team when you join so I can give you all the info you need ;)

Q: Do I have to hit specific targets to earn my commission?

A: No, with the new pay plan you earn from every £ you sell. There are always incentives and selling goals you can aim for which is what makes being an Avon Representative so much fun - but you don't HAVE to hit these targets, they are completely optional.

Q: Is Avon a pyramid scheme?

A: NO! Absolutely not. Pyramid schemes are illegal enterprises with no physical products. Here is a great explanation of what a pyramid scheme is, and you can clearly see Avon is nothing of the sorts :)

Q: I don't know how to sell Avon. Will I get training when I join?

A: This is the best bit! Not only will you have me to provide you with all your starting-out info and answer any and all questions you may have, but Avon offers a vast database of trainings you can access anytime. Also, since I am part of the most prestigious Avon team in the UK you will be too, and will have access to the same trainings I do!

There are also some great Facebook groups you can join where you can ask questions and get knowledgeable answers from experienced Reps - so never fear that you will be on your own once you sign up - there will always be someone available who can help :)

Q: If I join am I locked into any kind of contract? What if I want to stop for a while?

A: You are not under any contract at all. Once you've paid for your kit, you are a self-employed Independent Avon Representative and you choose when, how, and how much or how little you work. If you decide to stop for a while, you can do that, and then pick it back up again later, as long as you've paid off any outstanding balance on your account. 

Q: How can I run an Avon business with Covid-19 restrictions in place?

A: You have 2 options when it comes to selling Avon under the current situation - you can choose to sell online only (though this may limit you quite a bit if you aren't all that tech-savvy - people still LOVE to see an Avon book!) or you can do both online and physical brochure drops.
Just be sure that you wash your hands well before putting your brochures in bags ready to go, wear a mask (and gloves) if you feel the need to when delivering books or products, and once you've collected orders don't redistribute the same books until 3 days has passed to allow any possible bacteria to die off. 

If you're concerned about handling cash, you can ask your customers to pay you via paypal if you (and they) have an account, otherwise just be sure to wash your hands well after handling the cash and/or sanitise the money if you want to. 

I'll be sure to update this section if anything changes regarding government guidelines.

Q: Can I join Avon just to get the discounts for myself and my friends & family?

A: Of course you can! This would be what's sometimes called a buying club - where you join just for the advantage of buying your favourite products at the discounted rate and sharing that advantage with people you know. But don't be surprised if you start getting other customers off the back of it... ;)

Q: Can my friends and family who live abroad buy from my online store?

A: Currently that's not possible as Avon have separate company structures for each country it operates in. But who knows what the future holds...?

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