Conscious Motherhood 

Being an awesome mother comes from being an awesome YOU. 

Taking steps to uncover the Real You hiding beneath the layers of societal doctrine and expectations of others (and those you place on yourself), leads to a freer, more joyful you, that can then show up in freer, more joyful ways for your loved ones. 

You deserve the life of your dreams. You didn't come here to 'settle'. You came here to constantly grow, expand and live happily ever after. Being a mother means you are not only constantly growing and expanding (whether you want to or not, am I right?!) but you are also a huge part of the evolution of humanity.

Our children are the future architects, presidents, scientists, eco-warriors, philanthropists etc. But if we want them to become great people, we have to model greatness. And that is easier than you think. Because the great people of our world are the ones who are authentic, honest, integral. They embrace their human fallibility. They admit they aren't perfect and they're okay with it. (And don't we love them all the more for it?)

We don't need to be perfect mothers. Just honest mothers.

Embrace your humanity.

Say what you mean.

Admit your mistakes.


Praise the good in them.

Love them hard.


These are the keys to raising conscious kids that become great people.

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