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There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction from a job well done and knowing your contributions count. 

Nothing makes me happier than a day of crafting.

When I say I am a craft-nut, there really is no fine-line about it, I am truly crazy about making stuff, especially things that I couldn't buy (either because they are really expensive for the good stuff {that I can make for pennies myself} or because it's just not available in the form I'd like it). Or I want it made a different way.

It saves a lot of money if nothing else, but it also provides something the soul just longs for... that feeling of satisfaction when you look at your completed project and think

"Wow, I did that!"


It's a feeling of knowing that you can take care of your own needs without having to run to the store for every little thing. And you can make it YOUR way! 

I make nearly all my own cosmetics, including soaps, shampoo, toothpowder, a 4-ingredient edible mascara and my "Magic Cream" (a moniker given by friends and family who think it's the bees knees) that I use for everything from moisturising my skin, to healing cuts and scrapes super-quick. Apparently it's great for wrinkles too! 

And that's without getting into the crochet... Oh how I LURVE my crochet. Never sit in front of the telly without something in my hands.


But I wasn't always this way!

It took a lot of guts to make soap for the first time, or to test out home-made antiseptic lotion, or give my first crocheted gifts to people. But if I can do it - you can too.

Here I share some of my creations in a way that takes you step-by-step through the process so you can have a go, even if you've never tried it before. It's not difficult, just different :)

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