If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got. 

When you feel that guilt because you want more for yourself and your life, you are not alone. When you focus on the negatives of your "reality" you are also not alone. We all do it!

But here's the thing - if you want to get unstuck, and do the things you long to do, neither of those traits are doing you any good. But it's not easy to overcome them; they're the well-worn grooves in the dirt-road that the wheels of your mind just automatically drive in...

To change these things, you need to do things you don't usually do, and that can be a real challenge. Because your brain is working against you - it's wired for survival, not for thriving. Survival = doing things the same way every day - because what worked in the past is safe.

New is unknown, and unknown could be risky. Your brain does NOT like risky. 


But safe is not fun. It's not fulfilling. And it will NEVER get you what you want.

Because everything you want lives outside your comfort zone.

This short training is designed to give you a gentle but firm nudge; to bump your wheels out of the rut and get you thinking about things differently. Because when you think differently, you'll act differently. And when you act differently, you'll get different results to what you've gotten up till now.

And different results lay the foundations for the dream life you want to live...


"Tam has been a powerful force in my life.
Her insight and ability to connect the dots where I cannot see them for myself is a gift.  As a busy mom and entrepreneur, having a woman like Tam 'in my corner' saves me time, reduces my anxiety, and makes me feel like I've got a partner championing my success. And she's a sponge!  Everything she reads and learns is a blessing to me because I benefit from all she's absorbed (without me having to do the 'heavy lifting')!"

~Alana Fournet, FDN-P 

Founder of Intentional Health For Women

Host of the Radiant Powerful You Podcast

Course Outline:

This is a 6 module, video training series complete with detailed workbook and added resources to help you get the most out of it. Here's how it looks:

Video 1: Who the heck is Tam Johnson and why should I listen to her?

Here I tell you my story and highlight the events in my life, and decisions I made, that shaped how I became who I am today. I also share the key take-aways I got from some serious reflection, that could help you assess your own life in a similar way; it's like panning for gold nuggets - you won't find them unless you sift through it with an open mind and a keen eye!

Video 2: What is "MMS"?

'Modern Mom Syndrome' is a phrase I coined for the affliction of modern life on the mothers of the world, and the resulting symptoms we are experiencing. Symptoms like: Overwhelm. Guilt. Frustration. Stuck-ness. Fear of the future. Unworthiness. The list goes on. And it's just not acceptable!

Life got really hard somewhere along the line, and we didn't see it coming; now we have to figure out how to get out of the mess society has plopped us in, so we can start moving forward again and pave the way for a better tomorrow for our kids.

Video 3: Mothers Are the Key to a Brighter Future for Humanity

Women (and mothers especially) have no IDEA the power they possess, lying dormant and waiting to re-emerge. We literally hold the future of Earth in our hands, and it's time to embrace that power and wield it effectively and for the benefit of humanity. And no, you don't have to don a cape or leave home to do it.

Video 4: Get Unstuck and Start Thriving Again

The 4 Keys to getting unstuck and living a truly fulfilling life are -

  1. Release the Guilt

  2. Tell a Better Story

  3. Focus on Being a Good Role Model 

  4. Be Brave & Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

In this video I go through each step and give you the tools you need to activate each one in your life, starting immediately.

Video 5: The Best & Worst Of Times

We are living in a time of extremes of duality. The middle-ground is falling away and the polar opposites of each element of life are becoming the only options. But we have a choice - we can choose to gravitate towards the positive end of each spectrum, and in this video I talk about how to do that. Because Mars is not the answer.

Video 6: The ONE Key to a Better Future for Humanity

The truth about the Law of Attraction and how to make it work for you, as well as how to use it for the betterment of humankind. Plus conscious mothering tips and steps to take, to ensure your child or children grow up to be advocates for a stable and bright future for Earth and her Children.

There are also loads of extra resources such as video links and book recommendations, but please know that you don't NEED to use any of these to make the information work for you starting right away. They are simply there in case you want to explore something specific in greater detail. They are my trusted sources that guided my own personal awakening and I share them in the hopes they will help you too.

At the end of the course you will also get a Surprise Bonus Gift that I know you will just love!

And last but not least, there is also a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can watch the entire video series and if you don't feel it was right for you or offered you any inspirational benefit, I want you to have your money back! You are in full control.

And if you loved this training, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter because my book 'The Awakened Mother' is nearing completion! I go deeper into the concepts presented in this course, as well as many others to give you a complete transformational blueprint.


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"Tamaryn is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met.
She is a strong woman and a independent​ thinker, she doesn't just follow the crowd she makes her own passage through life with her wealth of knowledge and time spent researching the best way for her and her family. As a long standing close friend of mine if ever I’ve had problems health/lifestyle related I know I can always rely on Tam to help me think outside the box. And just by listening to her advice I immediately feel better and come away with a plan on how to tackle it."


Mum of 2