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Food is medicine.

Energy lives in healthy food and fuels healthy bodies. 

As a professionally trained health coach I know a fair bit about healing and natural remedies. 

Here I share with you detailed snippets of useful information on certain topics, as well as recipes you might like to try.

I take a paleo-perspective on most things because our family transitioned to paleo several years ago and it has done a lot for us. Coupled with my knowledge of natural remedies and herbal medicine, we have not been to the doctor more than a handful of times since 2012 (and then it was for things like an ear infection that wouldn't budge, that we discovered was anaerobic - hence being very difficult to treat).

If you are looking for a quick-start guide to a healthier lifestyle, (and in case you missed my welcome email with the link if you signed up) you can try out my free min-e-book '9 Lifestyle Hacks' and my PDF especially for mothers called 'Bobbing Back UP!' which is all about regaining your energy if you are struggling with fatigue.

And if you are already Paleo (or want to have a go) and live in the UK, but are struggling financially to make it work, you have GOT to check out my up-coming book "Shoestring Paleo (In The UK)"! You can even get a free copy to read before it launches ;)

We all know that without our health we have nothing right? It may take some work, and some willpower, but keeping yourself healthy should be one of your top priorities, because if you aren't healthy you can't look after your family well, do any of the amazing things you do or want to do, or be happy in life. As Jim Rohn said, "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Remember - it's not Difficult, just Different ;)


Nothing I say here is to be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor and I am legally obliged to refer you to yours should you have any health concerns. I am not responsible for any adverse effects from following suggestions I make in these posts or any other related products.

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