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200 years ago there was no concept for 'home-schooling'.

Nearly every child was 'home-schooled'.

It was called "growing up". 

If you're considering home-educating your child/ren, then you are in a good place to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, (well, our version of it anyway). This baby gets sugar-coated a little/lot in my experience and I want to help you make the right decision FOR YOU, by ensuring you have all the facts. As they say, if you want roses, you gotta deal with the thorns...

We don't live in the old days anymore - children are expected to go to school and to get excellent grades, and if they don't excel they are pushed harder and harder. We forget that school teaches nothing about real life, and was created in order to fuel the industrial age with blue-collar worker-bees. College education no longer guarantees a good standard of living.


We live in different times now - people are harnessing technology in ways our forebears couldn't have concieved of, and our children are growing up into a very different world. They need a good education, but don't need to rehash the dates of battles in history. They need to know how to be adaptable, have the desire to learn continuously, and to know that in being their most authentic self, everyone and every thing around them will benefit greatly.

Home education is not about doing 'school-at-home' - it's about teaching your children to become whole, solid, effective adults, whether they attend school or not. However, having your kids around you 24/7 is not for the faint of heart...

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