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A Journey of 'Whole-Soul' Intentional Living...

Inspiring You to Live ALL the Colours of Your Truth.

Welcome to Mama Chameleon, where I encourage women to live ALL the colours of their truth. 
We are multi-faceted beings that need more than just a tidy house and happy kids to make us feel fulfilled. And yet, so often it feels like motherhood should be "it" for us. It can feel like the doors to nearly everything else have closed.
I am here to tell you that you don't need permission to have passions besides being a great mother. You don't need permission to speak your truth, to take time out for yourself or even to change careers if you want to. YOU are the captain of your ship, and the master of your fate.
When we begin to embrace the idea of cultivating a broader inner-life - exploring new hobbies and interests, tending to our marriage, deepening our spiritual practice, taking care of ourselves first - we become better mothers as a result. 
It's like that bumper-sticker saying: "Happy Wife, Happy Life" right?
It's very true that our energy affects our family, and it's our duty as conscious mothers to do what we can to keep our energy high and loving.
But we can't pour from an empty cup... I want to help you take the actions that will fill your cup again
Meet Mama Chameleon - aka Tam Johnson

 Tam's purpose in life is to inspire mothers to embrace ALL of who they really are, and get into action to create the life they truly want.

She knows what YOU want and need: you want to feel validated in your desires, and you need to know you have what it takes to get unstuck and bring your dreams to life. Tam lives the transformation everyday and knows without a doubt that if she can do it, anyone can. Read Tam's story here.

She teaches mothers with big dreams & ambitions, the principles and strategies to overcome obstacles, overwhelm and feeling stuck, so they can play-to-win big and feel truly fulfilled in all areas of life.

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"How to Get Unstuck and Be an Awesome Mom" 

January 27, 2018

There's a big factor concerning light at this time of year that few people recognise or pay attention to. Most people will have accumulated a little bit of a tan during the summer (if they didn't spend the whole of it slathered in nasty sunscreen) and the purpose of this is to store vitamin D for the winter. But by the time early February rolls round, that bit of a tan is well and truly gone (unless you're a sunbedder) and vitamin D levels will be very low if you aren't eating a significant amount of fish or liver, or taking a supplement.

January 11, 2018

I've known a lot about garlic for a looong time, and I never hesitate to shout about it from the rooftops round here. But it wasn't until Christmas of 2012, when my kids (all 3 of them) got Whooping Cough that I really started taking this stuff seriously. My two boys didn't fare well, but much better than my daughter, and it was because of her condition at the time that I threw together my first batch of this medicine at 4am on the 22nd of December... While waiting for a call back from the out of hours medical service that didn't happen until around 7am... Just as I was falling asleep, of course.

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