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Do you need to loosen up a little? 

If your marriage or relationship is a little lack-lustre since the kids showed up, rest assured you are not alone. Nearly every couple dreams of the conversations, adventures and sex they had BC (Before Children) and who can blame them?!


Then there are the more serious issues that come from the constant sense of responsibility that weighs you down, the sleepless nights and the decline in real communication because you're so busy talking about day-to-day 'stuff'.

The truth is parenthood is no walk in the park, and it's not a surprise that many people secretly feel trapped after they get married and have children. But there is a lot we can do to nurture our relationships with our other-halves, which not only makes us better partners, but having a solid relationship benefits our children in significant ways too.

The first step is to acknowledge that your relationship needs a little work. Then start to consider ways that YOU might be able to change in order to help the situation. You cannot make anyone do anything - though you should of course talk to them about what bothers you - but you can certainly make a start right where you are by focusing on what YOU bring to the table.

Maybe you just need to lighten up a little. This is a daily challenge for me - Mama Bear takes her cubs and home seriously!

Maybe you need to put some effort into making your man feel more valued. Men crave appreciation just the same way we do - but they rarely mention it.

Maybe you just need to re-establish some communication between you so you can get on the same page and take it from there. 

Whatever it is for you, I hope you'll find something useful here to help you restore harmony, love and intimacy in your marriage.

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