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Shoestring Paleo

(In the UK)

A no-nonsense, all-juice-no-pulp guide to living Paleo(ish) on a shoestring budget in the UK.


Eat Well, Live Well AND Get out of Debt. . 

If you want to go paleo but are worried you can't afford it, (or are already paleo and really feeling it in the back-pocket/purse area) then this book is for you. It's part shopping guide, part lingo-translator, part tough-love, part financial advice - but everything in it is true-to-life for us right now and could be the little leg-up you need to get you going. 

A long road and many challenges have led me to a point in life that I have it nailed down - at least for my family. After a very rocky start to 2018, my husband and I have made some radical changes and choices so that we can not only continue to eat a paleo diet, but to improve our lifestyle and get out of debt at the same time.

Not only is the book full of advice specific to the folks in the UK, it's also got a bunch of recipes to get you going right away, and a special Book Bonuses member area of the website where you will have access to loads of additional resources. 

Remember - it's not Difficult, just Different ;)

Oh, and BTW: if you want to get a copy FOR FREE just email me here and you'll be the first to know when it's ready for reviewing!


Nothing I say in this book is to be taken as medical or financial advice. I am not a doctor or professional in these areas and I am legally obliged to refer you to yours should you have any concerns. I am not responsible for any adverse effects from following suggestions I make in this book or any other related products.