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Calling All Mothers!

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The World Is Changing - Are You Ready?

The World is a strange place right now; things seem to be falling apart, but beneath the surface is a global shift towards unity, integrity and peace. Could this be the time in history so many religions point to as the coming of "Heaven On Earth" or "Nirvana"? Find out what you can do help this shift along and get your free, no-opt-in-required Empowered Mothers Workbook below to help you discover your purpose and get organised for a successful year ahead.

I am a natural born skeptic, which is why, when I decided I wanted to do a course in alternative health, I needed one that would embrace science as well as natural remedies and methods of healing. And so I found the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition course and it was everything I wanted and so much more. It bridged that gap for me between the "woo-woo" hard to pin down benefits of something like crystal healing, and the uber-scientific (if you could even call the farce that is the medical system that) world of "modern medicine" that I knew had no answers for me. What I did know was that my children were expected to live shorter lives than me and I was not going to stand around and allow it.

But a funny thing happened. The more I learned about the workings of the body, and the more deeply I studied the effects of external stimuli on the chemistry of the cells, the more information came to light that could explain the efficacy of such "woo-woo" practices as crystal healing and reiki. There is much more to it than many of us realise, and there is much, much more for us yet to learn.

This brought me to study more and more the metaphysical - beyond physical - world that most of us aren't even aware of, if we don't outright scoff at it. A world where sounds can alter the mechanical function of cells in the body, and a person whose chakras have been opened and cleared to channel reiki energy can bring about instant healing in a receptive body by placing their hands over it. I experienced this first hand.

Even just 10 years ago, a conversation about stuff like this would have taken place underground, but now it's booming and rightly so. We need it. We need to acknowledge and wake up to the effects of the last century on our body-mind-spirit, on the environment and the Earth as a whole. The last few months of 2016 saw some of the biggest exposure of corruption and outright terrorism on human rights in parts of the world that should bloody well have known better. But because the governments and systems of the world are so very complex and consist of so many layers, they cannot be "fixed". They must simply be deconstructed and rebuilt anew. We are witnessing this deconstruction throughout the world.

In her article about the events at Standing Rock, Dr. Kelly Brogan invites us all to embrace our feminine energy, and I couldn't agree more. There has been a strong masculine energy predominant on our planet for a few thousand years now, and it's reached the end of its solo reign. The feminine, intuitive, creative, loving and compassionate energy that began to make a resurgence in the 60's is now stepping up to claim her rightful place beside the masculine - equal to, not below or behind - and the masculine has been resisting, making his final stand.

But as Dr. Brogan wrote, this is the final throes of labour. The moment in time where all seems completely hopeless and impossible right before the breakthrough. The crowning. The darkest hour before the dawn. Because no matter what religion you subscribe to or what you think about the goings on, you can feel it; things are changing, systems are being busted and brought down and people are taking back control of their individual lives. We are realising that no one political leader or government will save us, and complaining hasn't done us any favours. We must be the change we wish to see.

We are literally rebuilding the world folks, and that's a fact.

By embracing our femininity and living in gratitude and joy, we raise our vibration, which in turn affects others around us and helps to raise theirs. The more people who raise their vibration, the more people will be affected, and this has been going for many years now, which is why it suddenly feels like the whole world is different and everyone is speaking the new buzzwords "live your light" "soul's purpose" "manifestation" "universal energy" "cosmic consciousness" "broadcasting your frequency" and on and on. It's gained so much momentum, there is simply no stopping it now. The head is crowning; we are birthing a new era.

The Aquarian Age is officially upon us!

Which brings me to something I want to share.

As a woman who has endured a lot, brought three children into the world (in three very different ways), struggled with some major marital issues and gone from being a victim of circumstance to an empowered and confident Mother, Wife and Coach, I want to share everything I have learned with other Women and Mothers who are ready to ditch the dead-weight baggage they've been carrying for so very long now, and to step up into their power - the power that has been dormant in their very DNA all this time - and help us rebuild this Earth.

It's crunch time Ladies; it's now or never, there will be no second chance for Humanity. We are at breaking point and we need every single human alive on the Planet today to do the job their soul came here to do in this lifetime. It's ok to be afraid, but you must be courageous and act in spite of that fear. We need you. Your children and family need you. Earth needs you. This is you being called.

But I also know that it can be very hard to figure out what you're supposed to do. In fact, as I write this, I have a strong sense of what I'm doing but no real concrete path laid out before me. It's more like a trail of breadcrumbs I am following - I made the leap and picked up the first one despite how afraid I was, and with each crumb I encounter, I make new discoveries, course-correct slightly, and forge ahead with ever-increasing clarity on my purpose here on Earth.

The most vital component is to just pick up the first crumb and trust that you are being guided by the most loving, and devoted energy that wants the very best for you, your family and the whole of Earth. Whatever feels right, is right.

And I want to point out too that it doesn't matter how old you are. You could be a young mother such as myself, with small children and a busy household to run, or you could be a retired Grandmother. Everyone has something valuable to share that the world needs, and now is the time to share it. Look to your passions to work out what it is you could do. Look to your experiences and the lessons you have learned to see what you can help others with. Find a suitable method to share your experiences (such as a blog or maybe writing a book) and get on it!

I also want to state for clarity that I do not believe men specifically are bad or at fault for any of this. I am merely describing the energies that have been at play for many years and what we, as women, can do to help the shifting energies become grounded in the physical and change this world for the better. Men have their own work to do and many men have a real and wonderful connection to their children and their upbringing, but (generally speaking) it is women, Mothers, who spend the most time with their children, and who have a strong impact on their development.

Free Printable Workbook - Get Clear, Get Organised, Get Going

So to do my job here I am starting with a very simple thing. I have created an Empowered Mothers Workbook for you to printout and use to design your year ahead. This is nothing fancy ladies, I created them for myself and it struck me that others might find it helpful too so I modified them a little and here they are. No fancy pictures, fonts or graphics, just something useful and printer-friendly :)

It also doesn't matter what time of year you are doing this either - if it's January for you, great! If it's August, fantastic. Don't let minor things becomes the excuse that prevents you from taking this small, but highly significant step.

I have given you first a set of questions to answer. These will help you get thinking and to help you discover the first crumb on your trail. They will help you drill down and figure out what you could be doing to help if you don't already have a strong sense of it. They were invaluable to me and I share them with you in the hopes that you find them helpful too. You will hopefully have, at the end of these questions, a clear vision: an over-arching main goal for your life, one that may take year or two or one that may take 10 years to reach. It won't matter, because the only thing that will matter is the difference you'll be making along the way.

There is a Goals sheet, for you to plot your overarching main goal and what it will look like when you get there. It contains a section for you to plot out the generalised big steps you'd need to take to get there and a section for what you can do during this coming year to start making it happen.

There is a Year-View Calendar for you to plot out roughly the steps you need to take each month to make sure you achieve the steps you need to for that year. Remember to schedule in plenty of time for rest (such as a summer break and a winter break) and to space things out evenly, taking into account any birthdays or other festivities. It's tempting to pack stuff in, but don't forget you'll have daily things to take care of and you are going to be adding things into an already busy life (I know you, I am the same ;)

Then there is a Monthly Main Action Items list for you to plot out that month's steps in greater detail. And to charge things up with some positive energy and motivation, I took a concept that David Hendra shared, which is to write "enjoy" before each item on your list and convert the verb into the gerund form (who knew that term before this?? Not me!).

Example - "Do the dishes" becomes "Enjoy doing the dishes"

It seems crazy but it works so well that I couldn't not expand on this and add it into my printables! I hope you like it.

A Weekly Breakdown gives you the space to work out what day of the week will be suitable to a specific task according to your lifestyle and your family's needs. Be generous with yourself and remember that you are only human and not to overload yourself. Overwhelm will make you want to throw in the towel. My advice is to just put one action item in for each day that will be easy to achieve and take no longer than around half an hour in the beginning. And remember to reward yourself with a little treat after, like a nice cup of hot tea. These steps you are taking are building your dream life and helping humanity - don't take them lightly! Celebrate each little win along the way.

And finally there is a Daily Task List sheet with another set of "enjoy doing's" that cover some more mundane items but leaves plenty of space to add in that day's item that will further your goal. If you aren't a daily-list kind of person that's totally fine too, stick up your weekly breakdown somewhere you can see it and just make sure to do that day's task amongst your other commitments. And of course feel free to modify these sheets anyway you like, but please link back to this post, rather than distributing them yourself.

A tip I have for you is to do that day's task first if you can, before you do any other jobs on your list (besides the obvious, you know, like brush your teeth, give the kids breakfast and get them to school, unless you get up super early). You have much more motivation and energy at the start of the day and knowing your first task is another brick laid in the structure of your dream life, is such an awesome thought to get you out of bed in the mornings!

I know you are meant for more (we all are!) and I invite you to take the bull by the horns - no excuses! This is your time to shine, your call to step up to the plate and prove how amazing you are and present to the world your gifts and talents. They may seem like nothing special to you, but there is someone out there desperate for what you know, in just the way that only you can share it.

So, print out the lists (no opt-in required!), laminate them if you can to save paper and take an hour alone to get to it. You will feel amazing for it, and that will rub off on everyone in, and every area of, your life. And of course please share this post around!

Download Your Empowered Mothers Workbook Here

Good luck and please do get in touch with any comments or feedback! Wishing you the most fantastic, amazing and expansive year ahead. Mwah!

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