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What Is 'Universal Spirituality'?

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‘Universal Spirituality’ or ‘Spirituality without religion’ are terms I use to refer to the kind of spirituality that is based on vibration, the Law of Attraction and cosmic consciousness.

It’s the “New-agey” kind of spirituality that people have been talking about for years but which has steadily grown in respect as people and scientists alike have discovered the evidence that supports it. It is the spirituality that embraces the consciousness of all things - from the rocks and crystals of the ground, the fauna and flora of the planet, and the humans who inhabit this physical plane, all the way up to the Beings who have returned to, or remain in, Non-physical form.

It encompasses belief in angels, spirit guides and others like it - faeries, totem animals etc - and accepts the notion that all has consciousness and that everything is a frequency that can be transmitted and received by everything else in the Universe. We are all connected, all One. We may or may not have the physical translators to perceive all the energies at play in the Universe, but we acknowledge their existence and do our best to work with them within the limited understanding our physicality allows.

I truly believe there are things we humans here on Earth cannot comprehend, probably for good reason. Our Non-physical selves know everything about us and all the lives we have lived (which some can perceive through portals such as the Akashic records) but generally speaking the portion of ourselves that is focused here on Earth can’t understand any of that because we lack the physical means to comprehend it. Or perhaps because of our limitations as physical beings. Either way, I think that’s why no one knows what it’s like to die and has fear around the potential experience. But I’ve come to believe that death is nothing at all. It’s like falling asleep - you simply move your consciousness from this physical reality back into Non-physical - our true 'home'.

Having a deeper understanding of how the Universe works and our part within it (through this concept of Universal spirituality) brings not only a sense of importance and purpose to our lives, but also a huge amount of relief.

We are not preordained to have one specific destiny - we have the will to choose whatever we want for ourselves. That said, I do believe that we come to Earth with an intention and that is why so many people believe in their heart that they were “born for it” - whatever “it” may be for them. But even so, we can choose to ignore that all our lives if we wish to. Don’t you hear about those people who, on their deathbed, say their only regret was not doing the one thing they always wanted to do? We can choose to chase our dreams - choosing every step of the way there as we go - or we can choose to ignore them. Either way, our job here has served us well.

We aren’t here for any specific purpose - we are simply here because our Non-physical selves wanted to come and experience physicality and all the glorious growth and expansion that comes with it. It’s also how the Universe expands - when we experience desire for something it literally expands the Universe a tiny little bit. So even if we don’t do the thing we always wanted to do and regret it when we leave, we still fulfill our “purpose” for being here, which was to grow and expand our Non-physical selves (at soul-level) as well as to provide expansion in the Universe.

Everything is exponential, which is probably why there are so many souls on the planet now. The more expansion that happens the more expansion is called forth.


Our experience here, according to Jim Fortin, is like a holiday, and our bodies are like the rental car.

We come, we have the experiences we choose to have - some consciously chosen, others not; some anticipated, others not) and then we give the car back and go home. Simple. We can come anytime we want to come and we can leave anytime we choose to leave. But while we are here, shouldn't we spend all our time relishing this experience, just like we would a long-awaited and anticipated holiday to an exotic destination we've always wanted to visit?

I believe that's why books such as Ekhart Tolle's 'The Power Of Now' are so valuable - they help us to understand that all our creative power is in the Now, because Now is the only moment that truly exists. We remember our holidays so well because we spent much more time being present to our surroundings and soaking up the newness of it all - but if we can do that on a daily basis, even in places and times when we'd rather be somewhere else, that's when we begin to experience much more control over our lives and much more fulfilment within them. Because there is always something to relish in the Now - if we'll stop and See it and Appreciate it.

But I digress. This is such a huge topic that It’s hard not to go off on tangents...

So, with all that said, I also believe that spirituality is entirely what you make of it.

It is your right to totally deconstruct any belief system and piece together elements of any (or many) of them to suit your specific ideals and way of being. If you choose to believe, as I do, that all religions are valid and have a piece of the metaphysical puzzle that we humans have been striving to put together for aeons, you can begin to see how a coming together of the World's’ people is exactly what we need in order to create true heaven on Earth.

Throughout human history we have had a knowing that we are not alone in this. That we come from something greater, and that that something greater is aware of us and interacting with us in ways that we can choose to believe as beneficial or not. Every religion of the world has one thing in common - they all believe in an overarching Source of everything, and if they could all put their human prejudices aside and accept each other in the love and compassion we were born to hold for everything around us, we would have no wars over who is right about God (and their method of worship) and who is wrong.

Likewise, if all of humanity chose to accept all of the others around them, we would no longer need “wars” on all the things we deem to be inappropriate, such as drugs, crime, abortion (insert undesirable thing here) etc. If we chose to turn our attention to all the amazing good we have around us instead (of which there is much more than the media would have us believe), and began to notice all the wellbeing that Source is flowing to all of us all the time, these things would melt away... Just like that problem you had - that you finally got sick of and just decided to accept and forget about - did.

Acceptance is the key to peace on Earth, and Universal spirituality is a way for us to get there. Until we can fully accept every single other person on the planet; whatever they are doing, trusting that they are on their path and doing the best they can; and focus instead on what we want and what we are creating for ourselves, the world cannot be peaceful. If someone is doing something you don’t agree with, just don’t look at what they are doing. It serves no purpose to hurt yourself in anyway, and paying attention to things you find painful to look at or think about does exactly that.

Unless they are doing something bad to you - which is always of your own creation - then what they are doing really is none of your business anyway.

What I’m trying to get at here is that Universal spirituality is about understanding that you are responsible for your creation, that you have the power to change any aspect of your life that you want to change, because you have The Power That Creates Worlds flowing to you and through you at all times (you just need to learn to synch up with it) and that the only way to attain true happiness is to become self-centred.



Look at that word carefully. Self - centred. Centred in one’s Self. Don’t we all hear about how we should remain centred, and grounded in the present? Well how can you be centred if not within your Self?

But isn’t that selfish?

No. Self-centred and selfish are two very different things, in my humble opinion.

A self-centred person takes responsibility for their actions, and sees the world clearly through the lens of self, which is truly the only lens we have to look through, right? We cannot actually see through the lens of another, even if they are describing to us exactly how they view things - because we all have our own personal perspective on everything, even what others are saying about themselves. Our perspective is as unique unto us as our fingerprints are, and therefore no two people will view the exact same situation in the exact same way.

Self-centredness is about owning the knowledge that our perspective is what shapes our lives and living in a way that honours that by not worrying about how others view us. That’s a hard thing to do in the society we live in that values what others think about us, but it’s what we need to cultivate.

We never have power over others’ happiness and so, in trying to please others we forsake our own happiness to create fleeting happiness in another. Who will then likely either require you to behave that way constantly (or risk making them unhappy - I lived like this for a long time, relying on my husband and children to act a certain way in order for me to feel 'happy' and I most certainly still catch myself at times now) or they will be unpredictable and expect you to conform to their fickleness and do whatever they feel they need in the moment.

Probably you’ll have to deal with both of those. And let’s be honest here - we’ve all done this to some extent, right? No matter how unconsciously we may have done it.

Being self-centred means you take control of what makes YOU happy and you forsake any ideas of being responsible for what makes OTHERS happy.

Selfishness, on the other hand, is the essentially the opposite. People who force their opinions on you are selfish - they are not taking responsibility for their sense of self and are instead expecting you to affirm their point of view or risk their ire.

People who don’t reciprocate in some way are often selfish, but there is a caveat here that it is not selfish to avoid returning a favour if it will negatively impact you - I’m talking about the kind of people who always take and never contribute back somehow. Those energy vampires we all know and (try to) love anyway.

People who are very vain, narcissistic or desperately need to be the centre of attention are often selfish in the sense that they do not value themselves in any way and are seeking validation outside themselves. They curate their appearances carefully in order to please others and be liked, or they need attention because without it they feel invisible. My mother was extremely vain because she was deeply insecure - she was also very 'loud and proud' because she was secretly beset by the feeling of not being appreciated for who she was, so she was always self-proclaiming her worth, as a way to "show them" that she didn't need their approval.

My mother was the very essence of selfishness, even though she was truly a very generous and giving person. But her gifts always came with an (unconscious to her) price tag - even if no one actually paid in the way she wanted them to, which was with the deep acknowledgement of what it actually cost her to give so much of herself.

She never learned to fill her own cup, yet constantly poured from it in order to find some validation for her existence. The only time it got topped up a little was the times when the people closest to her, that knew what she needed, gave it to her.

Selfishness is characterised by people who are constantly reaching outwards for the kind of stimulation that will enable them to feel validated and important somehow. They need others to pat them on the back, or they take without regard to others blindly, like a toddler who hasn’t learned to share their existence with the Beings around them yet. They are people who rely on others to fulfil their basic needs, which, in an ideal world, are needs that everyone should be able to meet for themselves by adulthood.

Self-centred people look within for their validation and for their sense of importance. They don’t fall into these selfish categories so easily because they are more certain of their sense of self. They take care of their own needs more often than not, and they do so without negatively impacting those around them - unless not doing so would lead to their own long-term unhappiness. They know that the only person they really can please consistently is themselves, and they don’t place other people’s happiness in the spectrum of their responsibilities.

Essentially, self-centredness is the ultimate self-confidence, and it’s a skill we hone as we go through life.

This is often why the older generations earn our respect - because they have come to develop this deep sense of self-confidence, and we can sense that.

Ultimately, Universal spirituality is all about fostering our own personal happiness - at the expense of our comfort sometimes. It’s about growth and expansion and evolution. It’s NOT for the type of person who wants to live a very safe and comfortable life, that’s for sure - but understanding it the way I do, I know that even those who don’t believe in this will be affected by it because the Law of Attraction is not called a Universal Law without reason.

zero gravity

It’s like gravity - you don’t escape the effects of gravity simply because you don’t know about it or don’t believe in it.

Or even like electricity - whether you believe in it or not, whether you understand it or not (and no one really does) it’s at work in our daily lives, all around us. We can choose to tap into it or not. But you can’t expect to get your cup of tea if you don’t plug the kettle in.

Like learning how to operate the machinery that relies on electricity to function, we need to learn to use our bodies and our emotions to tap into the Source Energy that is always flowing to and through us so we can become effective creators in this physical existence.

Essentially - we are the kettle. Kinda humbling and not very inspiring, but it’s true. We live very difficult lives (think: trying to boil water over a tealight candle…) until we learn how to tap into Source Energy and consciously create from a place of empowerment. Geddit? Em - powered - ment. Powered by the Source Energy that we can choose to use fully, or not.

Because we are using it all the time anyway - we couldn’t be consciously alive beings in these physical bodies if we weren’t - but the amount that we allow to flow through us is literally just enough to keep us alive (and for those who become sick and die early it’s because their resistance to this life has persistently cut off more and more of that flow - my mother was a very clear example of this). But when we consciously begin to allow more, then life starts to get really interesting and fun!

I’ve been on this journey for a relatively short while (a few years of conscious effort and learning), but the difference it has made to how I live my life, how I interact with the people around me, and how much joy and happiness I experience versus how much I used to experience, is profound. And I know it will only get better.

If this has piqued your interest - or you're completely confused - here are a few resources you might find helpful. Like I said it's a VAST topic and your perspective of it will be different to mine anyway - so best to get the information from the Source and discover for yourself how to use it in your life.

Resources on Universal spirituality and the Law of Attraction

Abraham Hicks interview with Oprah Winfrey (audio-video below) - explains who and what Abraham are and how Esther began the journey that has culminated in a global movement.

Just Ask The Universe by Michael Samuels - very easy to use, but limited in explanation of how this all works (all amazon links are affiliate links - thanks for your support!)

The Secret (Movie version - on Netflix currently) - again, not very accurate but certainly correct on the basics of it all - based on Abraham's teachings

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein - I found this a bit hard-going when I tried to read it and haven't finished it yet personally. But when I took a quick look at it now to check the spelling of her name, I read a few sentences and I believe I'd get on better with it now that I've got more understanding of all of this. It's one of those things, sometimes you just come to some things a bit prematurely.

E-Sqaured by Pam Grout - an entertaining and easy read, this book focuses more on the science that supports the Law of Attraction and provides experiments you can do to test it!

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - the granddaddy of manifestation manuals, very long-winded and masculine in essence, but great for understanding recent history and the boom of the industrial age as well as very specific instructions for manifesting big things from nothing. Please be aware that there are Kindle editions for mere pence, but I don't know if they are full and unabridged or not - worth a good search through the Kindle store and reading a few reviews.

A Course In Miracles by Helen Schucman - goodness knows how anyone could decipher this tome - I gave up about 27 pages in, but it's often referenced by the others I have mentioned so far. Probably worth another go since it's been a several years for me and I was very new to it all when I first tried it. Again, this is the edition I have, but there are cheaper ones available. Do take note that there is a Christian slant to it, and so if you are like me and a little bit resistant to organised religious teachings, you might not want to buy it. Try downloading a sample instead.

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle - again this one was not easy to follow in the early stages of my learning, and after reading it again there are elements I don't agree with now, but it's still a very powerful book to help you understand that all of your creative power in life exists in the present moment. I actually have an audio copy, and couldn't find a Kindle version, so here's a link to the paperback.

With all said and done, I personally prefer to simply listen to Abraham Hicks recordings on YouTube, and to read their material, than to read any more books about the Law of Attraction or manifestation from other people. Abraham delivers the truth directly from Source (I was the biggest sceptic too, so don't let it stop you from giving it a try) rather than via the perspective of others. Sometimes it takes a while for their teachings to sink in, sometimes it's like a light-bulb moment. Either way, I have only ever been able to prove them right, not wrong. And I question E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. ;)

However, when you are first coming to understand these concepts, it can be helpful to hear it from others and learn how they figured out how to make it work for them. Hence why I'm sharing my own journey - there may just be a little nugget in there that could help you.

I wish you deep understanding and great joy in your spiritual journey.

Have any great resources along these lines to share with us? Weigh in below in the comments!

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