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Why Astrology & Numerology Are My Secret Weapons

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Today's quick post is about something I am secretly very passionate about (I say secret, it's not really to those who know me well ha ha!) and that is something called astro-numerology. It's a blend of both astrology and numerology that packs a powerful punch when it comes to understanding life and the lessons we personally go through.

I'm sure most of you know what both astrology and numerology are, but fewer people are as familiar with numerology as they are astrology. For instance, many people can tell you what their star sign (sun sign) is, but I'm doubtful that many could tell you what their Life Path number is, based on the date of their birth, or that we are currently experiencing an 11 Universal Year - a master number that is instructing us to master our lives this year. Been going through a lot of growth and change this year? Now you know why :)

Numerology sounds like such a goofy thing when you first hear about it - numbers holding secret messages? Pah!

But the truth is, if you are using any form of tarot-based divination system, you are using numerology; and if you are certain you have a "lucky number" then you are using numerology; and if you notice the clock often shows the same time when you look at it, or shows repeating numbers, that's numerology in action too.

Like many (MANY) things, the Universe can communicate with us through numerology. In fact, I'd argue that numerology is probably a foundational component to every other form of divination, or "communication with the Divine". The Universe is very mathematical, very consistent. From the 14 known crystalline structures of the mineral kingdom, to Pythagoras' theorem, there isn't a single thing in this world that doesn't involve numbers.

Numerology is just as intense and multi-faceted as astrology is - there is a lot to learn to even just understand your name number! But when you combine astrology with the numerology of the different degrees, aspects etc you really get a very detailed picture of what's going on.

I have been watching and following the forecasts from the lovely ladies below for a few years now, and I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to my days. At the end of each month I take some time to watch the forecasts, think about what I've been intending to do, and then plot when and how to go about it. I also follow the weekly forecasts to ensure I work with the energy flow of that week specifically (especially if there is a lunation such as the New or Full moon) instead of fighting against it.

The funny thing is, sometimes I catch myself wondering if I experience the things I do because I watched the forecasts - is it placebo? I wonder - but when I don't watch the forecast until a few days later I can clearly see the link between any aberrant emotional behaviour I've been experiencing and the energy as forecasted. Bottom line is you just can't make this stuff up!

I even use the info to help me out when my kids are being more than the usual level of tiring - they are even more susceptible to the energy than we are, because they haven't taught themselves to fight against it yet. It helps me to be more understanding, which isn't always easy when I want to tear my hair out!

Like gravity, there is nothing we can do to fight against the energies at play in the world around us, but we sure can do our best to flow with them, rather than wear ourselves out fighting against them. Following these ladies has helped me to plan my months and weeks ahead so that more often than not I know what kind of energy to expect and how to make the most of it.

And although I always sucked at maths, this is the kind of stuff I love to geek out on!

I have deep desires to study it personally, but until then I thought I'd share these favourite resources of mine that keep my finger on the pulse, without me having to know any more than someone with a strong interest does.

(Please note that although all three of these lovely ladies are contributors to a site called Numerologist.com, I am in no way affiliated with that website, nor with the women themselves. I just simply adore them and their information is 9 times out 10 spot on for me.)

Kari Samuels is a diamond when it comes to understanding what the month ahead will hold in store, while keeping it light and uplifting (no matter what's ahead!). She also always provides you with 3 action steps for the month and a freebie PDF, meditation or similar goody. Do NOT miss her free gift this month which is a PDF called Discover The Destiny of Your Name!

Next up is the woman who created the astro-numerology system, Tania Gabrielle. Not only does she do a free WEEKLY forecast, she also does in-depth forecasts for the New and Full moons of the month as well. She has a book coming out soon (this is an Amazon Affiliate link, BTW - see my privacy & disclosure policies for more info) that I cannot wait to read!

Then we have the lovely Natalie from natsnumbers.com - boy do her monthly numerology videos pack a lot in the usually 5-7mins! She has a really deep affinity for numbers that really shines through - she knows them intimately and shares openly.

It's a lot to wrap your head around, but honestly once you "geddit" and you see how insightful it is, you won't look back, trust me :)

That's all for today my lovelies. Have the most super-fantastic June you can possibly imagine! And if you have a favourite divinatory system, let us know all about it below!

Lots of love,

Tam x x

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