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Change Your Life With 2 Small Words (+ My Morning Routine!)

Feeling un-motivated?

Beat Fatigue & Motivationlessness (new word!) And Get Sh*t DONE!

You know those days when you feel like you just have zero motivation to do anything besides the fun stuff you want to do? As someone who has suffered with chronic fatigue in the past (and sometimes still do if I don’t look after myself) this is something I have a lot of experience with. I hope this will help you to progressively feel more motivated, and accomplish what you need to get done while making yourself feel BETTER, not worse. We all have those days, but we needn’t suffer them!

I do believe that we should do what feels best to us, and that “efforting” towards something never serves us well. We live in an attraction-based universe, not an assertion-based universe. Ease and flow should always be your most important priorities because they are what put you in a state of receiving your internal guidance and promote a positive point of attraction. But sometimes as much as my energy may be flowing towards my latest crochet project…as a homeschooling mother of three, I usually have a bunch of things I HAVE to do before I can crochet (or whatever other creative pursuit takes my fancy that day).

On days when my motivation is particularly low, I use a simple hack to get things done quickly and easily so I can get to the things I love doing that promote my receptive mode. I’m focused on home-specific things in this post, but honestly you can use this tip for just about anything in your life: getting work done if you work from home or are an entrepreneur, getting through tiresome family gatherings, dealing with difficult people at work, getting through the last few days at the office before you go on holiday or leave for a better job or even retire… and so on.

Anytime your motivation to do something you absolutely must do is really low, you can use this to pivot and get it done, so you can move on to the fun stuff.

2 Small Words To Change Your Life

When you hit that motivation slump, say to yourself “I’ll just…” do whatever you need to do, and then follow it with what you will enjoy doing after.

That’s it. Really.

For example:

“I’ll just – wash the dishes quickly and then I can watch an episode of ‘The Good Place’.”

“I’ll just – put in a load of washing and then I can work on my painting for an hour while it runs.”

“I’ll just – read through these 3 documents and then I can take a tea break and phone Mr. Handsome.” 😉

“I’ll just – get through today and then it’s only 3 more days till I fly to Barbados.” (Don’t we all want that!)

“I’ll just – complete this chapter and then I can take the kids to the park and soak up some sunshine.”

You get the idea.

The reason this works so well, in my experience, is that often the lack of motivation lasts only as long as it takes to get started. Once you get stuck in there, often you find that it’s much easier to get done than you imagined, and you actually expended more energy THINKING about how much you didn’t want to do it than you actually did completing the task!

It also provides the brain with a healthy reward – accomplishment. It’s not a guilty habit that you are falling prey to, such as eating a chocolate bar at your morning coffee break, it’s actually a sustainable reward that builds on itself. It makes you feel good because it’s building your confidence and improving your productivity. It brings that feeling of virtuosity that only a job well-done can bring!

Once you’ve completed the first task and saw how easy it was, the next one on your list seems much less like hard work. If you get into the flow of it, you can use the “I’ll just” statements to work through a whole bunch of stuff, even things you’ve been putting off for a while, like writing that thank you card to Aunt Erma…

It creates a feeling of “Well that was easy, so while I’m here I’ll just…”

I’ve personally blasted through a whole slew of little odd-jobs that I had been putting off in favour of more interesting or more important things, in the space of a couple of hours. Once you get going, you find that you accomplish these things with ease and in a short space of time; leaving you with plenty of time to do the things you love to do!

Pretty simple huh? I kinda feel a little silly now; having written it out it seems a bit like “Duh…”

But just like the 5 Second Rule was something Mel Robbins felt silly presenting to the world, this could be the one little shift you need to overcome a challenging situation in your life.

Additional Tips

So, now you know what those two little words are and how powerful they can be, here’s a few steps you can take before you get going, especially first thing in the morning. It helps you to reel in your energy from wherever it’s been inadvertently sent to, which makes the whole day much smoother and builds energy in the body. In fact, it’s a pretty great morning routine if you don’t already have one. I have never been one for morning routines, but this is one I CAN do 😊

Step 1: Wake up your body

So often we just jump out of bed and start running around, with our to-do list chanting through our minds and everyone else’s needs first and foremost in our thoughts. But it takes just a few seconds to wake up your body and get centred and grounded before you start your day and it makes a world of difference.

It’s a very simple process – just stretch your body. Move each and every joint and muscle in whatever way feels good to you.

Here’s what I do; get up and just give it a quick try!

Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes and say good morning to your feet. They are your primary mode of transportation after all! In South Africa my friend and I used to walk a 3mile walk home from school each day, and used to joke that our feet were our “voetswagens” translating as “feet wagons” – a play on the Volkswagon brand of vehicles 😊

Then stretch and flex the muscles in your legs, and say hello to your knees and hips. Move your pelvis in figre-8 motions and say good morning to your Yoni! (Probably a good idea to pee first, otherwise you may suddenly need to go.)

Squeeze your bum muscles as you greet your derrière. Then take a really deep breath and push it all out, clenching your belly muscles to squeeze every last bit out, and say good morning to your organs and your belly. Twist your upper body and greet your breasts! Start your arms moving by wiggling your fingers and rotating your wrists and say hi to your hands. I mean really, what would life be like without these amazing and dexterous appendages?!?! Your hands are like mini-gods - they create the physical environment you live in much like your energy creates the reality you experience.

Flex your arm muscles, swing your arms round and rotate your shoulders, saying hello to your elbows and your shoulders as you go.

Finally, rotate your neck gently and slowly, in all directions, saying good morning to your neck and head. Move your jaw and facial muscles in all the funniest ways you can and greet your mouth, nose, eyes, ears and cheeks. I dare you not to laugh as you do this, especially if you’re in front of a mirror! Lock your fingers, turn your palms to face outwards and stretch forwards, curving your back, and say good morning to your spine.

Then stretch up, greet the sky and the sun, and say thank you for coming up again this beautiful morning. Then stretch down and place your palms against the floor (totally ok to bend your knees here, unless you’re a seasoned yogi who can do it with straight knees) and greet the Earth. Thank Her for maintaining her steady rotations and revolutions around the Sun. Smile and feel grateful for the breath in your lungs and the life in your body.

Gosh that took way longer to type out than it does to actually do! You don’t have to do it in this specific order, but I find it works better if I do it from the feet up, rather than the head down.

Step 2: Meditate or Fork It

Meditation is the single most valuable tool we humans have at our disposal. I wish I could say I’ve been doing it for years, but truly, I’ve only just started making it a semi-regular part of my morning routine. If you have the time and space to meditate before you start your day, you are on to a major winner. (Watch out for a future post on how meditation works to release subconscious blocks within you.)

I don’t get to meditate every morning, because sometimes the kids get up earlier than others, but I’m slowly getting better and better at avoiding alcohol, going to bed on time and getting up before them so I get my 15 mins in before they get up. And sometimes I just meditate after the usual morning routine - I shut myself in my room and tell them not to come in unless it's an emergency. It IS possible to meditate with kids around, but it’s nowhere near as effective, because I’m always wondering if they’ll barge into the room!

If you really don’t have time to meditate, the next best thing would be to Fork It. This means that instead of choosing statements like “I feel so tired” or “I really don’t want to do this” you choose something that feels better (the other fork in the road so to speak), such as “I know I can feel better” or “I know I can get this done and then I’ll be able to do (insert preferred activity here)”.

Abraham Hicks offers us this process as a way to manipulate our point of attraction so that we are attracting better-feeling and more productive thoughts and manifestations to us, rather than worse and worse feeling thoughts and manifestations.

If you need something to listen to, to help you along the way to better-feeling thoughts, I recommend this video ;)

By now, you are probably feeling much happier within yourself (hopefully). If you are anything like me, no doubt there are things you would much rather do than those things you woke up not wanting to do. But I promise you, you will feel so accomplished if you get them done first and then move onto the things you want to do after. For one thing, you will most likely get the jobs done really quickly, with the activities you want to do dangling in front of you like a carrot! And the satisfaction of having those tedious jobs done first, means you can really tuck in and fully enjoy the activities you’ve saved for last.

If you don’t have any specific activities that you really love to do to keep you motivated, then I cannot encourage you enough to find something ASAP! Life is meant to be enjoyed, in every way, every day, and if you are just living to serve others and doing nothing that brings you real joy, you are not truly living, and that is a waste of a physical life. We came here to explore and enjoy our physical senses – in non-physical form we cannot touch, taste, smell, feel or hear. We can only do that in a physical body.

Find the things that make your body and your senses come alive with joy and put you in a bliss-state. It’s very hard to find joy in life if you spend your days doing the same old things that need to be done with nothing to look forward to. Even if all that is for you is an hour to read a good book with a hot cup of tea and a biscuit, then great! But find the little something you can look forward to at the end of your to-do list.

Step 3: Set the scene for productivity

What makes you get-up-and-go? Funky music? A cuppa joe? A great podcast to listen to? Whatever you know will fuel your desire to move, and/or occupy your mind while you deal with the mundane chores you need to do before you can move on to the fun stuff, get that going so YOU can get going!

If you need to be wearing something specific, put it on. For me, I can’t do housework without shoes on. Don’t know why, just can’t. Normally I mooch about in my slippers, but when I need to seriously clean house, or cook the week’s worth of lunch-foods, I have to wear proper trainers or I just can’t get going properly. I also have to have my hair up and out of my face and either one of my upbeat playlists going, or one of my favourite podcasts in my ears. Then I’m rockin’, baby.

Now let’s hear from you: what do you dread doing that you know only takes a few minutes, and what helps you feel like you’re ready to get sh*t done?

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