• Tam Johnson

DIY Mini Cooper Gear Knob Crochet Hats (& Mini-Pompom Tutorial!)

crochet hat

My sister-in-law has a black & white Mini Cooper that she calls Domino. There is nothing she doesn’t do for Domino, as far as I can tell, and one day she asked me if I could crochet some Mini Knob Hats for him… Yes, I got the girly-giggles too 😊

I had to wonder what all the fuss was about, and was very surprised when she told me there is a whole community of Mini Cooper enthusiasts out there who love to style up their Minis in all sorts of crafty ways! I shouldn’t have been surprised really… I live with a BMW fanatic after all.

She requested a red-&-white one (as it was around Christmas time) and one of ombre blues that would match the blue lighting of his console and dashboard. So I tried out a few versions and was pretty pleased with the results! Not only was she really happy with them, apparently they suit Domino very well and he was very happy too…

So, for those of you with a Mini Cooper fetishist enthusiast in your life, surprise them with one (or several) of these for a birthday or Christmas present and you’ll be loved forever! Or just give them as gifts to anyone with a car, yes? Or crochet them a bit longer for your hubby…?

I’m just sayin’!

As I don’t have photos of the originals I made for her, (nor my own mini-cooper to photograph the tutorial hats in!) I’ve had to make do with my own humble Toyota Corolla Verso as a model…

As you can see, these patterns are very versatile and can be adjusted for any car’s gear knob! If you aren’t sure of sizing, just remember that crochet is fairly stretchy and you can refrain from decreasing towards the bottom and just thread a drawstring around the last round of stitches 😊

My husband suggested adding a couple of pompoms that dangle from the bottom of the hat… Oh the innuendo runs rampant in this pattern! I do apologise (kinda…) #sorrynotsorry LOL.

Please remember that this pattern is for your personal use only. You may of course sell creations you make from it, but include the pattern link (or otherwise credit my work somewhere) and only ever share a link to the pattern and not the pattern itself, for copyright reasons. I know you know what it takes to make up a new pattern (even ones as simple as these) so please respect my work and share the love appropriately. Thanks gorgeous 😉

PS: This pattern is available as a beautiful, printable, full colour PDF download on Craftsy for just £2.98!

(There are no less than 3 variations for this pattern, one very simple two slightly more complicated, but all 3 are what I consider to be EASY PATTERNS.)

For these patterns you’ll need:

  • A collection of DK yarns in colours of your choice – I used very cheap acrylic yarns from the local pound-shop (like a dollar-store).

  • 5 and 4mm hooks

  • Yarn needle

Terms are in US crochet terminology. Terms used in this pattern:

  • CH: chain

  • MR: magic ring / circle

  • SC: single crochet

  • HDC: double crochet

  • SL: slip stitch

  • SK: skip stitch

  • S.st: same stitch

  • N.st: next stitch

  • Sp: space

  • INC: Increase – work 2 sts in same st/sp

Special stitches used:

  • Crab stitch: single crochet working from left to right – it can be fiddly to get the hang of but is easy to do; check out this great little video here if you get stuck!

  • HDC V stitch: work HDC, CH 1, HDC into same stitch.

  • Spike stitch: Insert hook into the space below the previous round’s stitch (where that previous stitch was originally worked into), pull up a long loop fairly loosely to avoid distorting the fabric. Yarn over and pull through to complete as a normal SC stitch. Probably make more sense when you get there and see the pics 😉

Note: When you see SC 3 (for example) – it means that you are to work a single crochet stitch in each of the next 3 sts. If you see 3 SC (usually followed by ‘in s.st’) – then you are to work 3 SC in the same stitch. Make sense?

If you have any questions or issues about this pattern, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout at tam@coloursofyourtruth.com!

Let’s crochet!

striped crochet hat

Simple Striped Knob Hat 😊

You’ll need just two colours for this little hat! Also you may find it easier to carry your yarn ends under your stitches, rather than having to weave in all the ends when you’re done. PS: sorry for the slightly fuzzy photo, my photography is a work-in-progress!

R1) Using 5mm hook. Work 5 SC into MR. Do not SL to join, continue in spiral.

R2) INC in each st around (10)

R3) SC 1, INC – repeat around (15)

R4) SC 2, INC – repeat around (20) Now join together with a SL and SL join each round after. CH 1.

Change to second colour on the SL. You can use the draw-through method, or the knotting on method – see pics below.

  1. Drawing Through Method: Draw through next colour on the SL as follows:

(Seen from back of work) Insert hook into next stitch as per usual. Loop next colour onto hook and pull through.

Draw loop through to complete SL.

Seen from the front of the work.

2. Knotting-On Method: knot on the next colour on the SL as follows:

Use an overhand knot to tie next colour onto a large loop drawn up from the previous colour.

Pull the knot down to the end of the loop on the fixed side (the other side of the loop moves as you pull on the end of the yarn – you don’t want your knot on that side which is at the front of your work, you want the knot at the back.

Insert your hook back into the loop and close it over the hook (you can see the knot now moves to the back).

Draw the next colour through the loop created by the previous colour.

Pull both the new colour and previous colour ends tight to completely close the loop and leave you with just the new colour loop magically poking out ready to start the next round with an invisible colour join 😊

Once you’ve chosen your preferred joining method, continue with the pattern:

R5) Crochet 1st st into s.st as SL, CH 1.

SC 3, INC – repeat around. SL, CH1 (25)

R6) SC 4, INC – repeat around. SL, CH1 (30)

Change back to 1st colour on SL.

R7) SC 5, INC – repeat around. SL, CH1 (35)

R8) SC around. SL, CH1 (35)

Change to 2nd colour on the SL.

R9) SC around. SL, CH1 (35)

R10) SC 15, SK 1, SC 15, SK 1, SC 3. SL, CH1 (33)

Change back to 1st colour on the SL.

R11-12) SC around, SL, CH1.

Change to 2nd colour on SL.

R13-14) SC around, SL, CH1.

Change back to 1st colour on the SL.

R15-16) SC around, SL, CH1.

R17) SC crab stitch around. Finish off. Thread a simple length of yarn through R15 with your needle to act as a drawstring. Alternatively you can chain enough sts to go around plus a bit more and thread that through as I did.

Make a mini-pompom and secure to the top of the hat using the tail from the magic ring. (See instructions at the end for the mini-pompom tutorial 😊)

Ombre V-Stitch Knob Hat: