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Links (blogs, podcasts, books, etc)

Empowered Sustenance ~ Blog by Lauren Geertsen, a natural health practitioner that I've been following a long time. Her book "Quit PMS" was a game-changer for me.

Intentional Health for Women ~ Website and Podcast by my fabulous friend across the pond, Alana Fournet FDN-P, who recently published her amazing book Radiant Powerful You that I cannot recommend highly enough. If you want to learn how to heal your body properly and holistically (connecting Mind Body and Spirit) then this book is for you.

Books by Florence Scovell Shinn ~ though very Christian in nature, in many ways her books helped me to heal my negative association with the religion, as well as helped me understand a lot of what I was taught growing up that just never made sense. These books explain (in very no-nonsense down-to-earth terms) how the Law of Attraction really works and how to make it work for you.

The Collected Works of Florence Scovell Shinn

The Magic Path of Intuition (a truly beautiful book - it's the first one I read, less biblical and totally transformative)

Transform Your Life From the Inside Out Podcast ~ Jim Fortin is the world expert on reprogramming your subconscious mind so you can live your best life. This podcast is absolute pure gold!

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