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With the new Avon Growth Plan in place from the 1st of November 2020, it's never been easier to bring a friend on board AND you can now earn from your very first Team Member...

It's simple to bring a friend on board now - just download the Avon Grow app, set up your profile and share it with your friend! Take a look at the Video Tutorials page to watch a quick one on how to recruit someone with the app.

There are only 3 things you MUST do when you bring a new team member on board:

1. Get them to fill in the form (by sharing your profile link with them - they will then show as a Lead in the app)

2. Do a quick video call with them to view 2 pieces of ID information (just like I did when you joined my team ;) ) You need to see a form of photo ID such as a passport or driving licence and note down the last 4 digits of the reference number, and a proof of address document such as a utility bill, HMRC document or financial statement.


Also be sure to ask them how long they have lived there - if it's less than 2 years you will need their previous address.

3. Appoint them in the app. Go through the information and input what you noted from their ID call. When you press submit, this information will get sent to Avon and your friend will get an email asking them to confirm their email address and AGREE to the terms.

Once that's done they can order their kit and you'll be notified of their successful appointment!

Once you've successfully appointed them, give me a shout and I'll tell you what to do next, and I'll coach you on how to support them in their first few weeks as a new rep. Don't forget, you have first-hand experience of doing this yourself, so relax, you'll do fine ;)

Here's a little infographic on the earning levels once you start to build a team - if you don't understand anything, just let me know ;)

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