Universal Spirituality

What does 'spirituality' mean to you?

Perhaps, like me, you feel that spirituality is whatever works for you. That it is all about your connection to the great cosmic Source of All That Is, and that whatever the vehicle is doesn't matter. 

More and more, humanity is embracing the beautiful concept that we are all connected to the stream of energy that flows from the Universe, and that all religions are valid as a path to enlightenment - whether we agree with their practices or not.

We are in an age where scientists and physicists are confirming what the ancient mystics have known for aeons. Meditation is no longer a practice relegated to monks, and anyone can learn to work with higher Beings such as angels, or earth-energies such as crystals.


We are waking up to our divine birthright to live in peace and happiness, no matter what is going on in the world around us. We are learning that we create our own realities through our thoughts and emotions, and how to do it effectively.

Here is where I communicate my ideas and philosophies on how we can merge our physical lives with deep spirituality, so that we can bring about positive change for the whole of Earth. You probably won't agree with everything I say - that's good, you should foster your own ideals and create a spiritual framework that suits you. But at least be polite in the comments please...

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